The 3 Step Process Of Selling Your Junk Car To Scrap Metal Yards

2 September 2022
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If you have a junk car taking up space in your driveway or yard, you should know that you can easily turn this piece of junk into some much need cash in just three simple steps. This is because scrap metal yards are almost always interested in purchasing junk cars for cash. Best of all, the process of selling your junk car to one of these scrap yards is much easier than you may realize. In this article, you can learn everything you need to know about this process so that you can successfully get cash for your junk car as soon as today.

Step 1: Getting Offers To Purchase Your Vehicle

Before you begin this first step, you will want to take a moment to write down some basic information about your vehicle. This information includes the year, make, and model of the vehicle, as well as information regarding any parts that have been removed or added to the vehicle. Taking the time to write this information down can make it a little easier to answer any questions that the scrap yards may have. Once you have this information in hand, you will simply want to call the different scrap metal yards in your local area in order to inquire about whether or not they would be interested in purchasing your junk car. Rates can vary from one scrap yard to the next so it is always a good idea to get more than one offer on your vehicle before committing to the sale. 

Step 2: Arranging The Sale

Once you have decided on which scrap yard you want to sell your vehicle to, it will be time to arrange the sale. If the vehicle is still running, you can choose to transport the vehicle yourself to the scrap yard. However, if the vehicle is not road worthy, you will need to arrange to have the vehicle towed. In most cases, scrap metal yards will offer a free towing service to people who are selling their junk cars. If you choose to utilize these free towing services, the entire sales process will take place at your location in order to prevent you from needing to make the trip to the scrap yard yourself. 

Step 3: Completing The Sale

Once you have either transported your vehicle to the scrap yard or the tow truck has arrived at your location, it will be time to complete the sale of your junk car. In order to complete this step, you will need to have the key for the vehicle, as well as proof of ownership. Proof of ownership can be the title for the vehicle, the vehicle's registration, or your auto insurance documents. If you do not have the title for the vehicle, you may also be asked to sign a bill of sale document showing that you are in fact transferring ownership of the vehicle to the scrap yard. Once the required documents have been completed, you will be given payment for your vehicle and the process will be complete. 

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